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Building scalable analytics automation

  There are many occasions when following completion of an Alteryx workflow, we'd like to reload our Qlik Apps.  Much of the time, that invloves making some estimation as to when the app reload should be scheduled based on average time it takes for the workflow to complete, plus an atrbitory additional period of time, 'just in case'. Much of the time, that works pretty well.  Workflows run ourt nightly processes so triggering the app relaod 30 minutes later doesnt impact business processes or users needs. When we begin to introduce user interaction with our workflows through Gallery or though Qlik based fucntionality, the challenges begin.   A recent project found us in the relms of Qlik app reloads and supporting user driven app reloads. Using the VizLib Collaboration tools, we introduced a platform to manage product data from the stage of ideation.  VizLib forms provide the functionality from a user perspective to 'add' data from within a Qlik Sense app, relaod in

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