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Analytics Process Automation with Alteryx and Qlik Sense.

Following up from my last post which talked through how we can utilise the power of Qlik-CLI to trigger app reloads from app load scripts, I'm going to talk through how we can expand out the use of the Qlik-CLI functionality to trigger app reloads from Alteryx. If you've not yet read part one of this blog series and want to understand more about Qlik-CLI within Qlik Sense before you begin; you can read that post here . What is Qlik-cli? Qlik-CLI is a PowerShell module which supports the management of Qlik Sense environments via command line scripts.  Allowing for the viewing and editing of configuration, task and other functions accessible via API, through PowerShell commands and scripts.  In our case we used the Qlik-CLI available from Qlik Branch (Adam Haydon).  Check out the link to find out more about how to go about the installation of Qlik-CLI. The Qlik-CLI needs to be installed on any machine from where you want to trigger a Qlik task, in the case of Alteryx, we install