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Beyond the comfort zone - A year of Challenge

  2023 a year of challenge... The Physical, the P sychological  and the Educational. It has been too long since I posted, In my last post I talked about stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging yourself.  Well, last year I took a little of my own advice and stepped beyond my comfort zone. The image and words (from Garmin) at the top of this page resonate deeply with me, the mountains because they are one of my favourite places to be and the words beacuse for a large part of my life I've strived to do better than I had done previously. The Physical and the P sychological . For the last 25 years I've lived with the results of a spinal injury, under gone countless surgeries and procedures. I've had many good periods and just as many bad, times where I've been immobile, on crutches or dealing with heavy pain medication. I'm one of the lucky ones, I have had my good times and bad times but I've always been able to stay active and be independant. I live with